About me

I am a psychologist and a political scientist (specialized in journalism). My scientific interests primarily lay in cognitive psychology of virtual environments and video games.

I cooperate with following laboratories: GamesLab at Department of Psychophysiology of Cognitive Processes at Faculty of Psychology in University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw as well as VRlab at the Instytute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences.



Psychology, MSc
Programme in English
University of Warsaw, 2013

Political Sciences, BA
spec. journalism
Collegium Civitas, 2013


PRINCE2 Practitioner
Practitioner of PRINCE2 project management methodology

PRINCE2 Foundation
Foundation of PRINCE2 project management methodology



C2 (2nd language)

C1 (limited working proficiency)


MS Office, SPSS, JASP, Adobe Premiere Pro and Auditions, HTML, CMS

Professional Experience

In recent years I focused primarily on projects related to psychology, research and development. Below you can find a list of my major activities.

2016 –
Nielsen Consulting Services

Managing big data revenue analysis projects for Western European (France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy) FMCG clients at the Revenue Analytics Management Centre. Coordinating projects with local Consultants, Analytics Consultants and providing clients with Price and Promotion solutions based on the store-based sales data.

2014 –
Project Consultant, Researcher
University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS)

Coordinating sub-projects within a research grant financed by the National Science Centre: study and procedure design, recruitment management, data acquisition, statistical analysis, creation and development of project website.

2013 –
Project Consultant
Private consulting services

Consulting in scientific projects, coordination of sub-projects within complex studies, procedure design, data acquisition, statistical analysis, providing final reports for clients.

2011 – 2014
Project Assistant
Institute of Psychology
Polish Academy of Sciences

Assisting in a R&D project financed by the National Centre for Research and Development. Research in cooperation with VRlab – Laboratory for Advanced Computer Technologies in Psychology on 3D virtual environments.

Assessment Consultant

Consulting in a project that developed a tool to assess managers in scientific projects for the Information Processing Centre (OPI), a R&D unit supervised by the State Committee for Scientific Research at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland.

In recent years I worked with professionals from various fields. Experience in preparation of theory, research methodology, test procedures development, data acquisition and analysis allowed these projects to complete their objectives.

Teamwork, especially culturally diverse, is for many years my favourite part of successful project implementation. I am convinced that cross-culturalism can provide significant benefits for the team as well as the project itself.

My experience in preparing, developing and carrying out projects lead me to seek a development of project management skills. It allowed me to adapt a consistent PRINCE2 methodology to the environment of scientific research projects.

Selected projects

Cognitive Trainings for Adults with ADHD

Improvements of cognitive functions disadvantaged by ADHD may be possible thanks to trainings with a video game. The main goal of this research project is to determine (for the first time) whether enhancement of cognitive functions may occur among adult ADHD patients as a result of video game training, similarly to what was documented in healthy samples.
This is my own project, financed independently.

PLN Budget

Cognitive Trainings

This project aims to understand the mechanisms behind training-induced cognitive improvement. Through a comparison of video game trainings with conventional cognitive trainings, our study will determine the psychological or psychophysiological factors leading to cognitive enhancement. Funding received from the National Science Centre by Aneta Brzezicka, PhD
Project’s website: gameslab.edu.pl


„Cog Games“

The Gog Games Project was designed to determine whether the improvement of cognitive abilities invoked by playing video games is dependent on the games’ genres. Successfully completed: the results were published in Computers in Human Behavior and are cited by other scholars. Financed independently.


Other selected projects

„Single- vs. Multi-player Video Game Cognitive Training“

„Contralateral Delay Activity of Video Game Players during Visual Working Memory Performance“

„Oculomotor Performance and Perceptual Span as Mechanisms Accounting for Superior Visuo-spatial Ability of Video Game Players“

„Assessment of head mounted displays and psychophysiological data acquisition and analysis systems for use in virtual reality based anxiety therapy of anxiety disorders.“

„Development of virtual reality prototype consumer research software“

„Effects of Video Games Experience on Visual Attention“

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